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Switzerland-based, Porini Foundation Aligns With Hedera Decentralized Network

Just recently, news was released which established that nature conservation and people-focused, Swiss-founded company The Porini Foundation, has aligned with the Hedera blockchain network to migrate and support implementation of its Nature Collectibles NFT project.

The Porini Foundation CTO, well-known coder and technologist, Toni Caradonna, sat down with Zenobia Godschalk, SVP Communications, Swirlds Labs and Hedera Hashgraph – Gossip About Gossip podcast recently, and gave background insight and several reasons why the company decided on the Hedera network to support its NFT project. The interview was transparent and offered clear insight into both the Porini Foundation and their developing relationship with the Hedera blockchain network.

Porini Foundation Began With Nature Collectibles Several Years Ago

In the podcast interview, Mr. Caradonna revealed that the Porini Foundation first implemented its own blockchain back in 2018. The answer, in response to a question about why Porini chose to build with Hedera for their blockchain solution, also gave Mr. Caradonna the opportunity to expound, with greater details, into how important reducing the carbon footprint is to the Foundation, not only fundamentally as an independent entity, but also for their blockchain operation to function as such.

Mr. Caradonna went on to explain how simple and efficient he’d found working with the Hedera network to be. When asked about how the experience had been from the standpoint of building on the Hedera blockchain, the CTO responded with smiles and explained how helpful the human to human interaction and support had been from his perspective. He expressed how positive it had been to have the support of the Hedera development team along every step of the process.

Focusing On What They Do Best

In the brief, informative 15 minute podcast discussion, the Porini Foundation’s CTO further touched on reasons why it was decided to discontinue further developing and managing their own blockchain years ago. Apparently Porini wanted to streamline the attention and focus into what the foundation exists for – to adopt innovative technologies to bring awareness and drive nature conservation. Having to operate a blockchain would have required the focus of the Foundation to be divided to a degree.

This first blockchain project wirth Hedera, Porini Foundation’s Nature Collectibles, which will be released as NFTs with functions and direct impact on nature conservation efforts, as a portion of sales on minted NFTs will go toward funding active projects. A very small portion of the Nature Conservation NFT sales on the secondary was also said to be worked into the financial structure which will also support nature conservation projects.

Looking Forward To Building Together

The podcast interview served as a summary which offered understanding into the history of the Porini Foundation and the company’s deep interest in utilizing technology to merge and assist nature conservation within today’s digital age. Points were also brought up which offered a degree of insight into the potential which the Hedera network offers companies looking for host blockchain networks.

The Hedera blockchain was essentially said to be the Porini Foundation’s choice due to the low costs, efficiency, security and simple, easily implemented building process. It appears probable that decentralized projects and blockchain-focused companies can use the Hedera network to build effective blockchain solutions with NFT implementation, and a team that, according to the Porini Foundation’s CTO, is extremely helpful.


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