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Google Cloud Partners With BNB Chain To Support Blockchain Start-ups

Decentralized projects who take part in the BNB Chain ecosystem recently learned about access they will now gain to a vast ecosystem of highly effective digital products and services as news of a partnership between BNB Chain and Google Cloud surface. This alignment of Google Cloud and the BNB Chain constitutes major blockchain news by many attentive to the DeFi space, due to the large impact each entity creates within technology and Web3 development.

News of the collaboration comes at a time when many entities are building like never before to bridge DeFi and Web3 into the future with confidence. The willingness of such large brands to partner together in an effort to support the many start-ups that use the BNB Chain to launch their decentralized projects, suggests a potential impact which will further propel Web3 and blockchain innovation perhaps well into the future.

A Documented History Of DeFi Support

Binance is a company which has long distinguished itself as a supporter of DeFi innovation through such initiatives as the recent $500 million dollar investment fund announced which is dedicated to boosting blockchain, Web3 and value-building technologies. Binance has its launchpad established which offers assistance and launch services to start-up decentralized projects. In addition to this, the Binance Accelerator Fund was established years ago. The fund pledged $100 million to assist blockchain development and emerging projects.

The newly announced partnership between BNB Chain and Google Cloud is promoted as one which hopes to bolster Web3 and blockchain startups. BNB Chain participants will be granted access to Google Cloud services which can specifically enhance data encryption capabilities as well as provide start-ups with on-demand analysis of on-chain data real-time. Google Cloud access will also give the 1,300 plus DeFi, metaverse, GameFi, NFT and other projects on the BNB Chain the ability to build on Google Cloud’s scalable, open-source and secure network.

Mutually Benefitting Collaboration

The collaboration existing between the two entities offers a promising scenario for the decentralized projects currently launched on the BNB Chain, and those which will launch thereon in the future. The ability for decentralized projects to utilize collaborative web3-based platforms to build its network and efficient management and metrics monitoring schemes can prove to be of immense value for start-ups in the blockchain industry.

Web3 developers will also gain immense benefit in the realm of support from the new collaborative relationship. Developers will be able to leverage Google Startup Success Team members for individual assistance and support. Also in addition to this Google Cloud’s technical subject matter experts will be made available to BNB Chain projects. Team members from data management, artificial intelligence, data analytics, zero trust security and machine learning will all be available to start-ups through the structure of the collaboration.

Summarized Wrap-Up

The newly established partnership will undoubtedly be closely followed by many experts and professionals in the web3 and blockchain space for many days to follow. While many projects in the cryptocurrency market suffered across the board through much of 2022 alongside stocks and other global markets, lately there has been a dedicated focus on building by many large and even smaller blockchain networks.

The new collaboration could even help move things further along with regards to the greater adoption of Web 3.0 and blockchain technologies by a greater number of larger corporate brands. Over this initial phase there is the expectation that the 1,300 plus decentralized projects existing on the BNB Chain will hurriedly begin onboarding and utilizing the expanded services now made available to them through Google Cloud.


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