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Infinity Exchange Seeds $4.2 Million Into Institutional Adoption Of DeFi

Recently, Infinity Exchange announced a $4.2 million dollar seed round as it reports a dedicated focus to DeFi adoption on a global-reaching institutional level. Infinity Exchange is positioned as a company which is establishing what is referred to as Defi 2.0. Infinity Exchange has their own take on what DeFi 2.0 is and consists of, which is largely dependent upon institutional adoption per company record.

Who Is Infinity Exchange?

Infinity Exchange was recently launched by former Head of Structuring for Morgan Stanley, Kevin Lepsoe. On September 2nd a press release revealed that the Infinity Exchange testnet, the Minimum Viable Project (MVP) was live. The testnet supports the fixed income protocol in development by the London-based DeFi project, which will operate on the Ethereum blockchain, which serves as Ethereum news also. The DeFi 2.0-focused entity seeks to create the first live concept of a floating rate with a zero bid-offer on borrowing and lending.

Infinity Exchange is also introducing fixed rate opportunities to the DeFi 2.0 frontier, as they build out new financial systems. Kevin Lepsoe reports a focus which is dedicated to developing DeFi 2.0 protocols that he says will be geared towards creating long term stable growth strategies for institutional investors. The effort is believed to be a catalyst which can work to encourage greater stability, trust, balance and also liquidity to the DeFi landscape.

Making Adjustments To The Way DeFi Flows

Kevin Lepsoe and the team of business and finance experts that make up the leadership at Infinity Exchange, are vocal about the held belief that DeFi as it is, is 100 times more powerful of a financial tool than it is being used as today. The tech start-up company suggests that DeFi 1.0 falls short by maintaining an established disconnect between itself and TradFi (Traditional Finance). For that reason Infinity Exchange is reportedly developing protocols made up of floating and fixed rate alternatives mechanisms which the company says will be based on theoretical finance, and offer long term hedge and risk management mechanisms.

The permissionless nature of DeFi will see large institutional investors being able to seamlessly incorporate investment strategies with a fully comprehensive risk management approach. This is the future which Kevin Lepsoe and Infinity Exchange believe to be eminent, and are therefore actively taking part to build and usher in.

Final Wrap Up And Thoughts

The $4.2 million dollar seed round opened by Infinity Exchange has a specific aim to help build the next iteration of decentralized finance protocols and infrastructure. Prior to founding Infinity Exchange, Kevin Lepsoe successfully launched two other start-ups, Notey and Chinafy, each existing in the digital sector. The driven founder and business leader is poised to usher Infinity Exchange into the forefront as one of the frontrunning and foremost builders of the new DeFi 2.0 terrain – a terrain which is anticipated to encourage much greater levels of involvement from institutional investors.

The DeFi 2.0 goal of bridging the economies of TradFi and DeFi together in a more suitable and harmonious model is something that many experts in the field agree will bring increased validity and traffic to the decentralized finance space altogether. The boost in funds directed towards such goals are a step in that direction for all parties actively involved in the progressive movement.


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