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Integration With Elrond Blockchain to Boost Web3 Adoption For Opera Browser Users

Opera Web3, the crypto browser platform, recently announced a partnership with Elrond blockchain network. Elrond is considered to be one of the fastest, most energy efficient blockchains based in Europe. Elrond claims to be the first carbon-negative blockchain developed in Europe and is anticipated to enhance the online experience of Opera browser users.

How Elrond Is Expected To Boost The Opera Browser Experience

Details of this major blockchain news reveal that through the coming integration Opera browser users will gain access to decentralized applications (dapps) and other services hosted on the Elrond blockchain. Also, the integration will be facilitated through the Opera wallet, which the browser platform attests will be used as the single entrypoint to a wide variety of dapps that will ultimately be available to different blockchains in the future.

Elrond is often recognized as a highly-efficient, fast blockchain network, on which infrastructure services for decentralized applications are available for enterprise level clients. The blockchain has been live since its launch in July 2020. Speed on the Elrond network is supported by the blockchain’s notably adaptive state sharding implementation, one of the multiple positives resulting from the new integration.

Integrating With Multiple Networks

Opera has publicly revealed the network’s plan to give its hundreds of millions of active users access to a variety of blockchains and the many decentralized applications existing within each associated network. To date Opera has already integrated its platform with popular blockchain ecosystems Ethereum, Bitcoin, BNB and Polygon. Such integrations enable Opera web3 browser to act as a gateway to web3 for anyone interested in cryptocurrency.

Opera browser’s noncustodial cryptocurrency wallet is the interface through which its users are able to access the network and decentralized application of choice. This network design enables users ease-of-use, by being able to access and integrate with a wide range of dapps with many different use cases through the single noncustodial wallet application.

An Eco-Friendly Partnership

The Elrond blockchain is said to be Europe’s first carbon-negative blockchain. This creates the scenario in which Opera browser users will have access not only to fast, quality decentralized applications and services, but moreover, eco-friendly alternatives.

The new partnership and integration could serve as a blueprint for others of similar nature to be created in the future. The blockchain industry is still very much young and developing, and such partnerships could certainly assist in the vision shared by most leaders within the industry. That vision is one of global-wide industry growth and accelerated public adoption.


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