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PraSaga Awarded US Patent For New Blockchain-Positioned Operating System

It was confirmed on Tuesday, September 6, that Swiss-based blockchain start-up company, PraSaga has been awarded a patent for its operating system – SagaOS. The patent was initially submitted back in 2019, with an expectation to scale the efficiency of blockchain functionality.

The official paperwork from the US Patent and Trademark Office reveals that PraSaga plans to scale blockchain processing partly by further revolutionizing the way smart contracts are implemented in the blockchain environment. Now, three years later, the “Systemic Extensible Blockchain Object Model Comprising A First-class Object Model And A Distributed Ledger Technology,” has been awarded – U.S. patent no. 11436039B2.

What Does The Patented Technology Hope To Affect?

Positive changes within the blockchain technology industry which the SagaOS operating system developed by PraSaga are hopeful to introduce, are rooted in smart contract functionality. Until now smart contracts, first popularized by the Ethereum Network, have been singularly functioning, meaning the functionality allows for one transaction or process to occur at any given time. This describes how code written within smart contracts is programmed to function. PraSaga reports that part of the newly patented blockchain-aligned operating system technology design has the ability to perform multiple message passing transactions processing.

Details disclosed in the blockchain firm’s roadmap refer to a token and mainnet launch by end of Q2, 2023. SagaOS is also distinguished since the operating system is capable of being placed onto the blockchain environment, with the enabling of the message passing technology which empowers more messaging in greater numbers.

“This is going to improve the ability for developers to create applications, manage their codebases and address real world challenges.” David Beberman, CTO and Co-Founder of PraSaga

A Better Blockchain

The vision of the PraSaga blockchain firm involves utilizing blockchain technology to create limitless, expansive global infrastructure which fosters an environment that benefits users across the globe. The blockchain in development by the company is said to be a scalable blockchain innovation in that SagaOS will operate to solve complex problems off of the SagaChain, enabling it to process other functions more freely and efficiently.

Professionals within the blockchain community at large are constantly at work developing, all the while collectively anticipating the next evolution which will inevitably impact the blockchain tech space. SagaOS and the scalability it delivers to the blockchain environment could have implications which shift things forward across the digital blockchain industry altogether. That remains to be seen, but what is clear is the PraSaga commitment to developing innovative tech developments. The recently accepted patent referenced 26 claims in the submission when it was originally delivered to the US Patent and Trademark Office in 2019.


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