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The Tron Network Shares A Mid-year Review

Earlier this July, the Tron decentralized network released highlights and accomplishments, expressing the ecosystem’s success in continual building in the midst of what has been a very volatile first half of the year for the cryptocurrency and greater financial markets. The Tron tweet, released on July 5th, specifically states how Tron has progressed in its goal to build the global financial infrastructure, and lists specific metrics to document their current results.

The Tron Network Amasses Users And Volume

The first piece of evidence presented by Tron in the tweet earlier, highlights the total active user base for the network, which tipped over the 100 million mark for the first time back on June 28th. The spike in users came as many entities throughout the rest of the cryptocurrency market experienced documented challenges which have closed the doors and even forced bankruptcy on several popular brands and platforms. The total user base to date is over 104 million according to most recently published numbers.

The Tron independent blockchain network also released evidence to prove its dependability as a transaction and payment gateway, having successfully processed over 3.4 billion transactions through its fully decentralized blockchain. Tron has been able to do this in a few years time, having first released its mainnet back in May of 2018. Total transaction volume is said to be over 3.6 billion total to date, based on available statistics.

Tron Transaction Volume And Established Partnerships

Total transactions processed on the Tron network wasn’t the only piece of evidence provided in which volume was made clear. Also in the tweet, Tron released numbers documenting the success of $USDD, the overcollateralized algorithmic stablecoin of the Tron decentralized ecosystem. USDD is documented as being overcollateralized at a considerably stable 130%, in order to avoid the likelihood of abrupt or sudden depegging of its currency by even a little. According to the tweet and publicly available numbers, Tron’s USDD stablecoin has a daily transaction volume and total market capitalization that regularly performs amongst the most traded in the crypto market by comparison.

Tron has been able to secure noteworthy partnerships as well this year. Not mentioned in the tweet, one of the network’s first major moves was back in its initial launch year, 2018 when Tron acquired BitTorrent and began moving the P2P file sharing platform towards total decentralized, cryptocurrency-aligned functionality. Fast forward to 2022, established partnerships with automation experts and blockchain security firm Fireblocks has been made official, as well as a major partnership announced with Crypto Finance. Crypto Finance provides trading and asset management services to the likes of banks and financial institutions, as the Tron network continues to make it a priority to offer transparency as they align with the traditional finance sector with a documented mission to integrate it with blockchain technology.

More To Come From Tron

The Tron network and ecosystem has been active as ever in July and 2022 altogether, as they continue to develop seemingly according to their published vision to decentralize the internet and align financial networks via blockchain technology. Tron’s popularity has certainly been noticed, as the total value locked in the ecosystem altogether reached well over $8.75 trillion this summer. With more summer still ahead, cryptocurrency enthusiasts and newcomers to the space alike, will more than likely make it a point to stay up to speed with the latest on the Tron decentralized network.


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