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Tron Becomes National Blockchain For Dominica Amidst Surpassing 4 Billion Network Transactions

In recent Tron crypto news, the blockchain platform recently surpassed 4,000,000,000 network transactions that have been processed through its decentralized ecosystem. Around the same time news began to circulate, other unrelated news was also developing surrounding Tron officially partnering with the nation of Dominica.

Tron was chosen as the official blockchain which will assist the Caribbean island nation in promoting its natural heritage and tourist attractions on a global scale. Another aim is to leverage the potential economic advantages that could exist with blockchain technology.

Partnering To Build A Better Future

An official press release outlining the nature of the new partnership was published on Friday, October 7. According to details included in the official document released by the Government of Dominica, the Tron Foundation has received approval from the nation’s government to launch the Dominica Coin, DMC. The coin is mentioned as being connected to efforts directed towards promoting and encouraging tourism and exploration of the Dominica nation-island.

Besides the Dominica Coin, the press release also makes it clear that there is a distinct focus on investigating opportunities which the blockchain could bring to the economic infrastructure of the country. Over recent years a growing number of Caribbean, South American and Central American countries have become increasingly open to using blockchain technology to assist in efforts to close the gap between themselves and economic channels bridging together participants throughout the larger global economy.

Dominica is committed to building a more inclusive, and diversified economy with the help of new technologies. The open and cost-effective nature of the TRON blockchain infrastructure will play a vital role in better integrating Small Island Developing States like Dominica into the global economy in the future

Roosevelt Skerrit,  Prime Minister, Dominica

A Time-Tested Network

Just hours after the official release revealed the new partnership between Tron and Dominica, the blockchain network surpassed 4 billion total transactions. While the milestone could be considered a worthy celebratory cause, it was only a brief stop for Tron. On October 10 data made available from TRONSCAN showed there had been a total of 4,812,800 transactions over the previous 24 hours alone.

With Tron gaining momentum, adding to its decentralized network ecosystem, partnerships, alliances, and other elements, Tron could be viewed as a bright spot by many, in a cryptocurrency market which has been riddled with bearish sentiment through much of 2022. All of the latest news and updates surrounding the development of the Domina Coin, DMC, a newly formed partnership between Tron and Dominica, and other closely followed blockchain news, can be accessed on CNL.


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